Uncertainty Modeling for Engineering Applications

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The Workshop Uncertainty Modeling for Engineering Applications (UMEMA) will take place in the north-west Italian city of Turin. Venue details are available here.

Final program is available here.

Online registration: Click here to start.

Instruction for presenters is available here.

Hotel reservation: Make sure to book your accommodation well in advance! Click here to access online reservation.

Previous UMEMA workshops were held in France, visit here for more information.


Over the past few years, Uncertainty Quantification has been introduced in several engineering domains due to the complexity of physical phenomena depending on numerous uncertain variables.

The aim of this event is to offer a forum including scientific presentations and discussions on academic and industrial aspects of uncertainty modeling for engineering applications, and to establish a kind of state of the art on this field. It aims also to identify some new research topics and to propose some innovative solutions. The workshop will provide an appropriate atmosphere for scientific exchanges including:

  • Invited talks from leading scientists and researchers in the domain.
  • Presentations, posters and discussions (proposal for subjects of discussion and benchmarks are encouraged).

English is the official language for the workshop.
On this website, you can find all information regarding the workshop UMEMA2017. It is our pleasure to invite you to the workshop and we look forward to meeting you in Turin!